17 Sept 2011

What I'm reading?

Prodigy by B. McMurray

A thousand years ago a powerful rune master crafted a magical rune into his bloodline. It passed on the knowledge of thousands of runic spells to his descendants, but then it disappeared for eight hundred years. Since then, most knowledge of runic magic has been lost, until a sixteen-year-old girl from Pasadena starts drawing strange symbols in her notebook.

Susan is attacked, her best friend is kidnapped, and the perfect man, Alrek, appears out of nowhere and vows to protect her. Alrek's instantaneous love for her seems almost too good to be true.

Susan is taken away from her life of mall shopping and expensive lattes, and is thrown into a world of runic tattoos, artistic magic, and an ancient school that seeks to master it all. Will Susan be able to use her gift to face the new challenges that threaten to destroy her life? Will the truth about Alrek push Susan away

My thoughts
Well I've already mentioned that the author gifted this to me a few months ago and I've been really wanting to read it! I love the gorgeous cover and the runes or symbols are really intriguing, I'm looking forward to seeing what they're all about, it sounds like a really interesting read so I'm glad I'm finally starting it.

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