19 Sept 2011


We've had a few giveaways end this weekend and here are the winners for them all.
If you see your name but haven't yet been contacted, don't worry you will be :)

Suzy Turner giveaway
Natalie Cleary

Dianna Hardy giveaway
Swag winner - Melissa Silva
eBook winner - Melissa Andrews

Nicoles Immortals giveaway
1st place -  Marybelle
2nd place - Christine

200 followers giveaway
1st place - Lisette Martinez
2nd place - Malvina Beatrice
3rd place - Ifrah Kamil
4th place - Valerie Jaafari

And that's it, congratulations to all our lucky winners!

Don't forget our giveaway for a signed copy and an eARC of Bound by Lee Taylor is still running and of course both of our monthly giveaways, there are links over on the left (under 'Current Giveaways' surprisingly enough lol)
We also have a giveaway to win Jamie Magee eBooks, just visit us on Facebook and find the appropriate note on the notes tab :)


  1. :( was really keen on an immortals book!

    oh well, I'll just buy them.
    congats on the winners though.... enjoy them!

  2. Thank you so much !! <3 Now waiting for the e-mail *waits patiently* :))
    Congrats to all the other winners <3 !

  3. I was wondering what the last names were for nicoles give away? Thanks Christine

  4. Ahh I'm sorry Louise, Sometimes I really wish everyone could win lol

    @Ifrah, lol I just have to wait for the two people before you to pick their prizes, then an email will be heading your way!

    @Christine, you were the only Christine and you didn't leave a last name lol But you are a winner, I've emailed you at the email you entered with :)

  5. lol, oops I will make sure I put a last name from now on!!! Super excited!!!! Thank you so much! :)

  6. i can't believe i've won something i can't remember what is the prize but i'm so happy i'm so unlucky as usual
    thx so much

  7. Aww your welcome Valerie, you won four books, I'm ot sure which bundle you'll be getting yet because I'm waiting for the others to choose theirs but I'll let you know when I do :)

  8. Darn, i was hoping the christine was be. oh well. congrats to all the winners

  9. OMG! Thank you so much, congrats the other winners!! =)

  10. @misty i won 4 books ? i can't imagine that !! so happy

  11. thx again for the books and the giveway i'm so happy


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