12 Sept 2011

Win Night star and Everlasting by Alyson Noel (AUS only)

Update: This giveaway has now ended
Nicole from our Facebook page is giving away a copy of Night star and a copy of Everlasting by Alyson Noel, but since we already have a giveaway going on the page and I haven't worked out how to add a second tab yet I'm hosting it here for her.
I'm not sure if these are the right covers for the editions the winner will receive.

There will be two winners, the first person drawn will get to choose which book they'd like
This one is for Australian residents only I'm afraid (Because that's where she lives!)
Ends on Sunday 18th September
To enter just answer this question:

Would you like to be immortal, and why?

Make sure you remember to check back next week and find out if you've won.


  1. Who wouldnt want to be immortal? I mean living forever, being able to manifest anything into existence. Yes please!

  2. I would HATE to be immortal. I imagine getting very tired. It would be horrible to see generation after generation dying.


  3. No, being immortal would mean losing all our loved ones one by one until they're all gone and we're the only ones left. Sure, we'd be looking young for the rest of our lives but what does that matter?

  4. Thankx for the giveaway, I would like to be immortal, so i could view how the times will change and hopefuly help people learn from the past.

  5. I would love to be immortal so that I could for sure be around for my kids life but at the same note I would not want to be immortal and endure the loss of all my family. I think being immortal would be a very cool thing but wold get old real fast, unless all of my family was immortal as well.


  6. :( I'm the only one here that's 100% pro immortal. It makes me look heartless... but truth to be told, I simply do not want to die. Although if I die whilst being immortal is get sent to the shadowland.

  7. *I'd..... woops! Auto correct

  8. lol Aliesha, you don't look heartless at all, it's just for fun :)
    I'd choose to be immortal to!


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