19 Feb 2013

Geek girl - Review

Geek girl by Holly Smale 
Released 28th February 2013
What's it about? 
Harriet Manners knows a lot of things. She knows that a cat has 32 muscles in each ear, a "jiffy" lasts 1/100th of a second, and the average person laughs 15 times per day. What she isn't quite so sure about is why nobody at school seems to like her very much. So when she's spotted by a top model agent, Harriet grabs the chance to reinvent herself. Even if it means stealing her Best Friend's dream, incurring the wrath of her arch enemy Alexa, and repeatedly humiliating herself in front of the impossibly handsome supermodel Nick. Even if it means lying to the people she loves.

As Harriet veers from one couture disaster to the next with the help of her overly enthusiastic father and her uber-geeky stalker, Toby, she begins to realise that the world of fashion doesn't seem to like her any more than the real world did.

And as her old life starts to fall apart, the question is: will Harriet be able to transform herself before she ruins everything?
My review
Geek girl was such a great and funny novel, I really enjoyed it. Right from the start it had me giggling along to Harriet's outlook on everything, she sees the world in a unique way and all her random little facts were actually pretty interesting. She was a great character and reading the book so from her point of view made the book all the more enjoyable.
The story was straight forward and imaginative at the same time, with an interesting insight into the modelling world and some lovely little underlying morals too, such as you should always try to be yourself.
The secondary characters were wonderful too, I really liked Harriet's immature dad and the colourful Wilbur, they all added different dimensions to the book that made it hard to put down.
I was completely engrossed in the story right the way through and quickly found myself turning the last page.
I recommend Geek girl to any fans of the genre, its a light, funny YA contemporary novel and Im looking forward to further releases by this great debut author.

My thoughts on the cover
I really love the bright colours of this cover and the fun little doodles, the glasses are fun too, its a really eye catching cover.

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  1. The more reviews I read about this book the more I want to read it! I love it when there's a moral thrown in (and any book that promotes being yourself is a winner with me!). I love that you had praise about the secondary characters too - always makes me smile when the effort has clearly gone into those people too! Lovely review and a book I'll definitely be checking out :)

    Sarah @ TotalTeenFiction

  2. I'm just starting this one at the moment, but am getting really irritated by Harriet. Everyone's good reviews are keeping me reading though. Maybe I'll like the secondary characters a bit more. Thanks for the review :)


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