14 Feb 2013

Nail your books (6)

'Nail your books is a feature started by Cristina at The princess of storyland, where we share our book inspired manicures.

My latest manicure is inspired by The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

My nails
(Click on the image to see it larger.)

How to
  • Sally Hansen miracle cure base coat
  • Rimmel 60 seconds Grey matter
  • Beauty UK Yellow
  • Andrea Fullerton stripes and sparkle Black
  • Barry M Nude
  • BYS Glow in the dark nail enamel
  • Barry M Gold foil effect
  • Barry M Matt white
  • Nail dotters
-First off I, of course put on a base coat, then I painted my nails grey, except for my accent nails which I painted yellow.
-I used the striper brush to paint the Deathly hallows symbol, the lightening bolt and the wand.
-Next I just a nail dotter to draw the glasses, for the snitch and for the nude colour on the end of the wand.
-Then I used a much thinner nail dotter to put the wings on the snitch.
-Lastly, you can't see in the picture because, of course its not dark, but I put a bit of glow in the dark polish over the nude tip of the wand to make it a bit magical.

Sorry I didn't do a video tutorial this week guys, to be honest I wasn't too happy with the end result and wasn't sure I could even replicate it, it took so long I didn't even do the extra touches on the second hand, I only got as far as painting them and putting on the bolt.
But anyway, that's my Harry Potter inspired nails, they didn't come out too badly in the end, though the glasses are totally wonky and the snitch wings are a mess lol I'm still learning to draw with a nail dotter.
What do you think?

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