19 Jan 2011

Guest Blogger - Jayne O'Hagan

A glimpse into the world of a Bookaholic by Jayne O'Hagan
This blog has got no name

Hi I'm Jayne & i'm a bookaholic yet i don't have any desire to be cured....EVER!!!!. When i was younger i always read, i remember my sisters buying me books, always reading & i'd also write stories, as my mum use to say living in a fantasy world. Then life sort of took over after leaving school, working, having children. I rarely read,for myself maybe the occasional true life story, i always tried to read as much as possible to my children. That all changed last year when a friend bought the same book twice by accident so she sent it to me. That book was Vampire Academy Frostbite unknown to me it was book 2. Since then i have read the whole series. I then found Morganville vampires as i'd gone into Waterstones the author Rachel Caine was doing a book signing later that week on my birthday so i searched to find out all about the series & loved what i found out.I was even encouraged to buy Twilight i was reluctant as i didn't think it was my thing but i loved it. They so are my thing Twilight isn't only for teenage girls & the same friend sent me New moon & Eclipse. My obsession as taken over everything else it's all i think about, everytime i go out i'm only happy if i come home with a book. My other half asked ''why don't you join the library?'' i looked at him with all seriousness replying ''but i'd have to give them back''. All i'm looking for is people to understand that being a bookaholic isn't anything to be ashamed of lol!! No it's something to be proud of to shout about it. Those who aren't bookaholic's are missing out on so much.

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