6 Nov 2012

Guest post: Rusty Fischer - A zombie poem and giveaway

If You Take a Zombie to the Movies…
A FREE Poem of the Living Dead
By Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don’t Cry

I brought my zombie
To the flicks;
He made some openly
Awesome picks.

For all the movies
Zombie chose;
Were sure to curl
A mortal’s toes.

The Zombie From the Living Grave?
The Vampire from Uranus?
The ticket taker looked at us
As if we were quite heinous!

I fed him popcorn
By the hand;
As we watched The Mummy
From Azkabahn.

He burped up soda
Halfway through;
The Ghost Who Came
To Live With You.

He laughed out loud
When people ran;
To throw up in
The nearest can.

“What are they afraid of?”
He said through cracked teeth;
“Don’t they know this
Is all make believe?”

I didn’t have the heart 
To tell my old buddy;
That he was the reason
Folks were acting funny.

At last the manager came in
And told us both to leave.
My zombie friend apologized
Then grabbed him by the sleeve.

He only meant to say,
“All right.”
But ended up
Taking a bite…

And now I have
Two zombie friends;
Who’ll stay with me
‘Til the bitter end. 

And with the Zombie
Manager’s ID;
I’ll get all the popcorn
I want for free!

Copyright © 2012 by Rusty Fischer
All rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction. All of the names, characters, places and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or, if real, are used fictitiously.
Cover credit: © Ferenc Szelepcsenyi - Fotolia

About the Author:
Rusty Fischer

Rusty Fischer is the author of Zombies Don’t Cry, as well as several other popular zombie books, including Panty Raid at Zombie High, Detention of the Living Dead and the Reanimated Readz series of 99-cent living dead shorts. 
Rusty runs the popular website Zombies Don’t Blog where you can read more about Rusty’s work, view his upcoming book covers and read – or download – completely FREE books & stories about… zombies! 
Here's your chance to get your hands on a paperback copy of Zombies don't cry by Rusty Fischer!
-Giveaway is open to UK residents ONLY.
-Just fill in the form, you have one free entry, the rest are optional.
-Winner will be contacted via email.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this poem it really did put a smile on my face! I am slightly zombie addicted, well they are more like an obsession, so I really do think I would love your books! Thanks for the giveaway! :)


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