20 Nov 2012

UK appreciation month: Gemma Malley - Interview and giveaway

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
 -I'm an author of Young Adult novels, including The Killables, The Declaration, The Resistance, The Legacy and The Returners.
At what age did you write your first book?
 -I started writing my first book when I was 30
What was your inspiration for writing your book The Killables?
-A few things really. I wanted to write a love story about two people who feel like they don't fit in anywhere, that they're freaks, somehow different from everyone else. And at the same time I started to get obsessed with the brain and how little we know about it, and I also started to think about our ideas of utopia - the quest for 'world peace'. I wondered if it could be possible, and what sort of world that would be; a world where there was no evil, where no one had bad thoughts or ever broke the rules. Would it be somewhere I'd want to live? Could I possibly be the person I am if I didn't have to fight my demons every so often? Can humans ever really just be good, or is it the conflict within us that makes us human? Those were the questions I set out to answer in The Killables, although I'm not sure I have all the answers yet...
Are there any parts of the story you feel particularly close to?
 -Not so much parts of the story, but I always get very close to my characters - they're like old friends.  I know them better than I know most of my friends in the real world.
How can our followers connect with you?
 -I have a website or they can follow me on Twitter (@gemmamalley)
UK related Questions:

Where’s your favourite place?
-London. The energy is exhilarating.
What’s your favourite thing about living here?
-The British people - the irony, sense of humour and ability to just get on with it.
Is there one place you would like to visit, that you haven’t yet?
-The West coast of Scotland. At least I've been there, but haven't explored enough.
Do you have a favourite British band?
-Mumford and Sons are pretty brilliant. 
Do you have a favourite British movie?
-Withnail and I
Do you have a favourite British actor/actress? 
-I love Frances Barber. I think she's quintessentially British.
When you think of Britian, what’s the first thing you think of?
-Red pillar boxes
Which place in Britain would you most like to live other than where they do live?
-I dream of living by the sea - Scotland or Cornwall probably, surrounded by the sound of the wind and crashing waves.
What's you're favourite British saying? 
-How about a nice cup of tea?

Everyone accepted that people were different physically. But inside? Inside, they were different too. You just had to know how to tell, what to look for. Evil has been eradicated. The City has been established. And citizens may only enter after having the 'evil' part of their brain removed. They are labelled on the System according to how 'good' they are. If they show signs of the evil emerging, they are labelled a K ...But no one knows quite what that means. Only that they disappear, never to be seen again ...
Win a copy of The killables.
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Author bio
Gemma Malley is an award-winning author. She lives in London with her husband and three young children.

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  1. I would like to thank you so much for a fantastic book giveaway, that i would love to have the oportunity of reading! The interview with the author was facinating and insightful, and it is always interesting to find out about the inspiration behind the book too. x

    Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk


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