8 Nov 2012

Same difference (37)

'Same difference' is an irregular feature I do whenever I come across two or more covers that share a cover model or item.

Benny Imura book one.

Its really hard to say which one of these I'd say I prefer because both have taken the same model and done something cool with it, I like the two different eye colours, the big, transparent font of Rot and ruin  gives it an older creepy feel whilst the pink on the Kissing zombies, along with the title, give it a girly feel. I like them both.

Which do you prefer?


  1. They are nearly the same!! But I like Kissing Zombies a little better just because of the pink lettering, lol! :)

  2. its funny youd say that. i dislike it for that very reason. there should have at least been a gradient in the pink. i also dont like the fact that the lips are very very pink. especially if the character is a boy.
    as far as publishing goes, rot and ruin came out first. therefore, i also dislike kissing zombies because they copied the cover (it is LITERALLY the same image, just mirrored and edited a little). and copied (or at least is waayyy to similar to for an original concept like this) the plot of the book Warm Bodies (love between a human and a zombie) by isaac marion

    Plus, rot and ruin is just a fantastic book anyway

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