2 Jan 2013

UK vs THE WORLD (51)

UK vs. The world is a weekly meme I made up lol.
It's simlair to UK vs. US except the UK covers are battling it out with their foreign counterparts from all over the world, because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

UK                           vs                       Spain
Lunar chronicles book one.

Mist: I just love the dress in the Spanish cover and the fake arm and leg but the girl just looks unaturally skinny and the UK cover just calls to me even more, I love the red shoe and the way the we're shown the mechanics inside the leg, it's just a much more striking cover.

Ninfa: I've always found the UK version pretty spot on, as it embodies the blurb (and the story) very well. The Spanish cover is pretty, but I'm not sure the sci-fi and futuristic element comes across as well as it does in the UK version. UK wins for me :)

Which do you prefer?


  1. What a great idea for a meme! I must say I like the UK cover more for this one though.

  2. UK for sure. That other one freaks me out. It's a horrible image. The girl is just too skinny.

  3. I'm torn between the two. While I like the UK (and US version) because of the inner workings in her leg and it's a very iconic view of the Cinderella fairy tale. I also like the Spanish cover because cyborgs, to me, have always seemed very high class and an embodiment of what society wants to be and look like. I can imagine people designing cyborgs as thin and model like, as that is what society and media tells us is beautiful. But there is also a definite creep factor with her body sitting in mid air. Torn, I tell you!

  4. Nicole: uk cover for me!


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