31 Dec 2012

My favourite sidekicks of 2012

Welcome to list four in '2012, The best of...' this will actually be the last list since my next and final one will be my anticipated reads for 2013.

In no particular order are my favourite sidekicks of 2012, characters that didn't make the lead but were equally enjoyable.

Puck from The iron fey series by Julie Kagawa - I read The iron knight this year which centres from Ash's point of view, he's on a quest and Puck comes along which I was really happy about because Puck has always been a fun character, there's always a joke from him when things are getting serious.

Eve Rosser from The Morganville vampires by Rachel Caine - Eve made the list last year too because I've always liked her and her out there goth style. But in the latest three Morganville books that I read this year she really went through a lot which really endeared her to me even more.

Sam Goode from The Lorian legacies by Pittacus Lore - Sam is another repeated entry and probably not the last, here's what I said about him last year; '...I do love Sam, I felt so sorry for him at the start of I am number four, he's the geeky kid that gets bullied and believes in aliens :( He's a great guy and is there for his friend no matter how scared he is...'

Samantha Kavanaugh from MetaWars by Jeff Norton - Another Sam but this ones a newcomer, though the books mainly follow Jonah I love Sam, she's such a badass, so clever and perfect for Sam, if only they'd both figure that out!

Wesley Lincoln from The Caster chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl - This is the last one who also made the list last year, it seems Kami and Margaret just produce great characters because I love Link almost as much as I love Ethan. He's really sweet and funny and a great best friend and sidekick.

And that's all of them, not many but they're my favourites.
Who were your favourite sidekicks?

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