15 Dec 2012

Fight for the future - Review

MetaWars book one
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What's it about?

In an unforgiving future, two warring factions - the MILLENIALS and the GUARDIANS - are locked in a brutal battle over control of an online virtual world called the Metasphere. Jonah Delacroix has always known which side he's on - the same side as his dead father. But when he assumed his father's avatar, he learns that things aren't as black and white as he once believed. He's catapulted into a full-throttle race through both worlds - but can he find the truth?
My review
Fight for the future is a constant thrill ride that kept me riveted from the first page all the way until the last. It's full of excitement and action right the way through as Jonah is thrust into the middle of a war and has to choose his side, but everything's not as black and white as you originally think, and as you follow Jonah on his journey you find out and become just as confused as he does about which is the right side.
The best boy heroes are always the ones that aren't perfect, and who make mistakes and Jonah fits the bill perfectly, I really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know him throughout the book, I think young boys would find him someone to look up to.
I loved the world Jeff Norton has built up and he gives some vivid descriptions that really made me feel included in the story, I love the idea of the Metasphere, it feels like a future we could live in and the problems that come along with it were really realistic too.
There are also some great secondary characters, I really liked Sam, in getting to know Jonah I think she's starting to question some things too and she has the potential to be a great character and a great love interest for Jonah, I would love if book two was written from her point of view too so we could see how she feels.
Fight for the future was a brilliant book and I really can't fault it, I'm so glad I have book two to start right away and find out what happens next in this promising series.

My thoughts on the cover
I really like this cover, I love the two contrasting worlds in the background, one being the real world and the other being inside the Metasphere with the red dragon really standing out, the cover just shouts the action that's contained in the book and the title stands out too.

Favourite quotes
'Each of Jonah's five senses slipped away as his mind was pulled deeper into the computer network. It would take his brain a moment to adjust to its new reality, a virtual reality. He closed his blind eyes, and was dimly aware of his real-world body slumping in his seat. Jonah wouldn't need it where he was going.

''There is no one else,' said Sam. 'There's just you and me. It's down to us, Jonah, the two of us. The attack on the Southern Corner is scheduled for tomorrow night. we have to lead it.''

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