1 Dec 2012

Diary of a Christmas wombat - Review

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What's it about?

Mothball the wombat is fighting the reindeer for the carrots left out by children when he takes an unexpected sleigh ride – so now it won’t be just Santa who faces the prospect of getting stuck in the chimney!
Mine and Oliver's review
This was a nice short read and was perfect for Oliver's bed time, he enjoyed looking at all the pictures which were lovely and not surrounded by too much extra detail so you were drawn straight to the central picture.
I liked the way it was written, as the Wombats actions for each picture, rather than as a straight out story, it gave the book a unique feel.
I also enjoyed how its a Christmas book but the wombat didn't even realise that, there was Santa and he was on his sleigh, he was just looking for carrots before his next nap. It gave the book a fun feel and amused me even though I'm an adult.
Me and Oliver haven't read any of the previous books in this series but we're definitely going to be checking them out as we both enjoyed this one and I think it'll last us way past Christmas.

Favourite illustration
The beautiful two page scene of the wombat asleep on the back of Santa's sleigh, overlooking the entire Earth with the sky in the background. There are no words on this page, just the big picture and every inch is used to create the wonderful scene whereas the other pages are left with a white background. It really stands out from the others and is a gorgeous image.

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