20 Dec 2012

Nail your books (3)

'Nail your books is a feature started by Cristina at The princess of storyland, where we share our book inspired manicures.

This weeks nail your books is inspired by current read Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins.

Here's the cover

And here's my nails
(click on the picture to see a bigger version.)

How to
  • Sally Hansen miracle cure strengthener
  • Barry M nail paint Peach melba
  • Barry M nail paint Berry ice cream
  • Misguided nail splash Missmatch
  • Makeup academy Nail constellation Scorpio
  • Barry M nail paint Limited editon 244
  • Models own nail art pen Gold
  • Models own nail art pen Pink
  • Rimmel metal rush Purple rain
  • Rimmel 60 seconds Rapid ruby
  • Save the nail Wet look top coat
  • Sally Hansen Inst-dri
-First off, of course I started with a couple of coats of base coat.
-Next I used three different colours to paint my nails, Peach melba, Berry ice cream and Missmatch (Orange).
-After that, I did two nails with Makeup academies Nail constellation, they're little coloured balls that stick to wet polish which you tip onto the nail and gently push down to secure.
-Then I painted two more nails with a glitter polish.
-And lastly I used nail pens and brushes and a nail dotter, to decorate my remaining nails with different patterns.
-And after all that I added a top coat and used Insta-Dri to dry them quicker.

If you've read Lola and the boy next door, you'll know Lola has a very eccentric style so I knew I had to try to do something to match that, hence all the different colours and effects, I think its something she might try, I stuck to mainly pastel colours so it didn't end up too garish and it gave me a great opportunity to play with my new nail brushes which arrived on the day I was planning to do this, fate or what! Its also the first time I've tried Makeup acdemies nail constellation and I love how it came out, though I discovered top coat takes the colour out of it a bit so next time I won't be applying any but I'm definitely going to be buying the others in the range.
All in all, I love how my nails came out.
What do you think? And if you decide to give any of this a try please come and show me your results!


  1. I love it! So Lola. :) Your left thumb, right pinky and the one next to it are my favorites!

    How are you liking the book by the way? I loved it.

  2. Oooh, that's so cute! I love the orange one with the little polka dots :)

  3. I haven't read these books, although I do have them waiting to be read, but I love your nails. The constellation stuff looks great and I will have to pick some up very soon for myself :)


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