17 Dec 2012

Octonauts explore the great big ocean - Review

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What's it about?

The Octonauts are researching underwater habitats around the world, when Tunip the Vegimal starts to wonder where he comes from. So begins another underwater adventure full of fun and surprises as the Octonauts take Tunip and his Vegimal friends on an exciting trip around the world, on a quest for his true home.

Mine and Oliver's review
The Octonauts explore the great big ocean is a greatly colourful book that not only has a wonderful story but it also has some lovely little extras on some pages like different kinds of shells and kelp cakes, extending the fun for little readers and making the book more interactive. I also love the glow in the dark page.
So much detail and colour has gone into all the illustrations, Oliver spent a long time studying them as we read through the story.
The book has a great moral that home really is where you heart is and what you make it and that it's great to have friends. Some lovely life lessons for children, I think.
We really enjoyed The Octonauts explore the great big ocean and will be looking out for more books and now Oliver wants to give the TV show a try!

Favourite illustration
Our favourite was definitely the glow in the dark page! Its really cool and the dark background makes it stand out from the other pages. There's a lot of detail and so much going on in the picture and all the Octonauts equipment is labelled. It's a great picture and would even make a lovely poster.

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