16 Dec 2012

Showcase Sunday (28)

'Showcase Sunday' is hosted by Vicky over at Books, biscuits and tea.

10th Dec - 16th Dec

You might of noticed that I didn't post a showcase last week, that was because I got NO books! But I got a few this week and here they are!
I also had to change my filming location because where I normally do it is filled with Christmas presents!

Books mentioned
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What did you get this week?


  1. Requiem has such a pretty cover!!! And I love how it's all wrapped up :) Also, yay for Lola! I SO need to read that one.

  2. Nice haul! I haven't read any of these but I'd love to!
    Happy reading!

    My Haul.

  3. I've heard some great stuff about Lola, and enjoyed Angry Girl a lot. Enjoy your reads and happy Christmas. :o)


  4. Fab haul, Mist! I can't wait to start Angry Girl & Lost Prince! _enjoy :)

  5. The Lost Prince is brilliant! And I love how Requiem is all wrapped up, so jealous about that book! I loved Delirium, though I haven't read Pandemonium yet! I think I'm the only one who hasn't read Anna and The French Kiss and Lola and the Boy next door! :/ I really need too!

    Great Haul!

    Here's My Showcase Sunday

  6. Your haul looks great, still have to read all those books.


  7. I still need to read Anna and the French Kiss! I'm saving it for when I need a fluffy good read. :) Happy Reading!
    My Showcase Sunday!

  8. I read and reviewed Confessions of an Angry Girl on my blog and I really enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy it too!

    Here's my SS!

  9. I read Confessions of an Angry Girl back a few months ago and I really enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week!

    My IMM

  10. I got Lola and the Boy Next Door earlier this year and still haven't read it. I'm kind of shocked every time I say that since I was looking forward to it SO much, but I'm planning to squeeze it in before January. I hadn't seen that cover of The Lost Prince, I got the North American version and like it much better - it matches the Iron Fey series, like you said. Great haul Mist, happy reading! :-)

    Here's my book haul if you'd like to see what I got!


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