31 Dec 2012

My favourite book villains of 2012

The first of today's additions to '2012, The best of...' is my favourite villains.
As usual, it's in no particular order and I've tried my best to use good images, but the book cover is used where I just couldn't think of someone lol.
This list is pretty short because I just didn't read that many books this year with big bad guys.

Matthew Granger from MetaWars by Jeff Norton - At first glance Granger is a bad guy, but as you get to know him and see his vision more it makes you wonder if he really is the bad guy, that's what I love about him.
Apophis from The kane chronicles by Rick Riordan - Who wouldn't be scared of a giant snake!
Damon William Blackwood from Last of the blood (Bites) by Ninfa Hayes - He's the bad guy that really doesn't want to be, Damon is brooding, rebellious and actually kind of hot.
Repeat offenders

The Mogadorians from The Lorian legacies by Pittacus Lore - These guys will probably make the list every year that I read a book in the series because they are seriously creepy dudes!
The zombies from Juggernaut by Adam Baker - These guys aren't strictly zombies but its hard to find another word to describe them, either way though, they always give me the heebie jeebies and I struggle to sleep after reading one of his books!

And there you have it, like I said, it's a short list.
Who were your favourite villains?

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