1 Apr 2012

Need - Review

Need by Carrie Jones
Need pixies book one.
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What's it about?
Zara Whit suspects a freaky guy is stalking her. She memorises phobias and chants them when she's nervous. OK, she hasn't exactly been herself since her stepfather died. But moving to a freezing Maine town to stay with her grandmother is supposed to be the perfect fix - so her mum says.

Except, this plan of sending Zara away to help her stay sane? Yeah, not working. Turns out the stalker is not a figment of Zara's imagination. He's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something not right - not human - in this sleepy Main town, and all signs are pointing to Zara.
My review
I bought this book when it first came out and have since collected the rest of the series, yet somehow I've never gotten around to reading them. But I'm glad I finally did, better late then never right? Since I really enjoyed it.
I loved how the chapters were name after phobias and I really liked the main character Zara, I love the way she phrases her thoughts and sentences, the book has a quirky style to it that I enjoyed and some great characters, I really really liked new friend Issie.
I liked the idea of the Pixies, it's slightly different to some faery books I've read so it felt like something new and whilst the big revelations didn't feel that big, I guessed along the lines of what was up, they were still good and I think it ended well.
I'm glad I have the rest of the series so there's no waiting, there's some advantages to saving books lol so now I'm off to pick up book two, Captivate!

My thoughts on the cover
I admit it, it was the cover that first attracted me to this book, I barely read what it was about when I picked it up lol I love the gold lips, I was definitely curious about those and the bare trees on her neck are cool to.
Favourite quotes
'There's a little sweat on his forehead and he wipes it off with his hand before his eyes sear into mine. That's all it takes. I'm hooked'

'His lips warm against mine. My arms wrap around his shoulders and he presses me to him. I am warm here, safe. The backs of my knees tingle and I feel absolutely the opposite of empty. I feel like my life will burst open with good.'

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  1. I read this one a few years ago in French and loved it .. I still haven't read the next books in the series though. I look forward to read your review on Captivate !!

  2. Thanks for the review. I've had tho sitting on my shelf for a while. Now it's on my TBR pile.

    Melina @ Pretty Nifty (YA) Reader

  3. Issie, her best friend, was a bubbly girl whose nervous babbling amused me. While, Zara's crush, Nick was such a manly presence I couldn't help but growl at him. On top of that, his smooth lines made me swoon. Zara's cocoon of loving friends became her backbone in the unforeseen, growing battle between them and the pixies. I'm not going to mention a lot besides the fact that pixies are damn evil, especially the kings. Also, around the time where these creatures were introduced, Zara managed to frustrate me with her naive choices. I found myself screaming, "No! Don't go into the woods!" However, I still loved her stupid spontaneity ten times more when it brought out answers. Finally, Need was such a riveting and action-packed release that grabbed my attention from beginning to end. Luckily for my sake, I had Captivate in my hands so I immediately picked it up.

  4. I read this book a few years ago. This book interests me because it has pixies in it. The phobias list at the beginning of each chapter adds its charm.


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