7 Apr 2012

What I read in... (1)

Welcome to my newest feature, woot! So I saw people do like, end of the month wrap-up posts with the happenings of what they've been doing and I decided I wanted to show you what I've been reading each month and thus the imaginativly named 'What I read in...' was created.
Here's what I read in the month on March 2012.

Books mentioned
Links go to my reviews or to Goodreads if I didn't write one.
Crave by Melissa Darnell 2/5 -Forgot to put this one in the vid cus I swapped my copy, review coming 12th Apr.
Goddess nterrupted by Aimee Carter 4/5 - Review coming 16th Apr.

What did you read in March?


  1. great idea misty :) i love it. ok now wait for my list of what i read lol....
    inheritance, angel fire, blood song, the splendor falls, fracture and 11 minutes, cascade, fairy bad day, queste, torrent, borne, allegience, deception, daughters of the moon V1, dragonfly, sins of the soul, sins of the heart, sins of the flesh, a witch in winter, white is for magic, silver is for secrets, red is for rememberance, stargazer, finding sky, hourglass, afterlife, stealing phoenix, star wars fate of the jedi ascension.
    whew what a list lol :)

  2. Oh i like this idea. Liking the look of some of those books. i do a weekly rewind instead of doing it monthly. But maybe once I get my new laptop I may do a monthly one aswell.


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