20 Apr 2012

Quickie interview with Aimee Carter

Quickie interview

You probably get asked this often, but which is your favourite Greek myth, other than Hades and Persephone? 
–Orpheus and Eurydice, hands down.
Which books do you enjoy reading yourself? 
–Anything that catches my eye. Usually I go for plots rather than authors, and I will read anything with a plot that appeals to me. Doesn’t matter what age group it’s for, what genre it is, where it’s shelved in the store, anything. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, love The Hunger Games, the Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card, The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop, The Belgarion and Mallorean by David and Leigh Eddings, The Time Traveller’s Wife, The Giver, Matilda, The 39 Clues series, etc. I have an entire bookcase devoted to the books I happily reread so many times that I practically memorize them.
After the series is finished, do you think you'll write more books based around Greek mythology, or would you move onto something else? 
–Right now I have no plans to do so, but I can’t say never. There are a ton of Greek myths, after all. I would love to continue the series past the trilogy, though it wouldn’t be through Kate’s point of view.
In Goddess interrupted we see Kate begin to develop her powers, which one of her powers would most like to have yourself, and why? 
–I would love to have the power to travel from one place to the other in seconds. That’s a power she develops more in the third one, but I think I would love that one the most.
There's an element of sibling rivalry between Kate and Persephone, have you, yourself ever had sibling rivalry, or are you an only child? 
–I’m the eldest of three, and I never got along with my brothers. I never felt a rivalry though – we’re just three very, very different people.
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  1. Great post! I'll go with plot over the author as well. I don't care who wrote it as long as it's interesting and unique.


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