12 Dec 2011

Bites by Ninfa Hayes exclusive cover reveal - with a guest post and giveaway!

“How I became a Bookaholic...and never looked back!”

So, books...yeah...
My obsession began at the tender age of five, when I started reading books by myself, borrowing them from school.
“Little Women” was the first in a very, very long series and by the age of 12 I had read it over 30 times. But that wasn't the only one. At 9 years old I got hooked on Murder Mysteries and Agatha Christie became my literary goddess! I read all her back catalogue and fell in love with Monsieur Poirot.
Sherlock Holmes was a close second, battling it out for my hero- worship-like affection.
Then came Mr Stephen King with his dark and intense tales of human behaviour and the monsters under my bed. He reigned unchallenged for about 2 years...
...until I discovered my true and everlasting love...Fantasy!
Paranormal, Romance, Erotic, Sci Fi...the possibilities were and still are endless!
There's nothing like the smell of a new book, or the buzz of pressing one, ONE button and getting your shiny new e-book delivered straight into your hands!
Oh, just talking about it sends me into a frenzy...must have my fix! Thank goodness sitting next to me is my current read, “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan, and on my laptop there's a little open file with my very own stories (because since there aren't enough books out there to quench my thirst I had to go and write my own,lol :p )...including my upcoming first book “Bites” that the wonderful Bitten Fruit Books Publisher has decided was worth sharing with the world.
Obsessed you say? Well yes, and proud!

Hello, my name is Ninfa Hayes and I AM A BOOKAHOLIC! :D

Author bio:
Ninfa lives in Manchester, UK with husband Gareth, daughter Cassandra and two gorgeous kitties, Jemima and Shelley.

Originally from Italy, she's half Spanish, half Italian and British by choice and marriage.
She loves books and is a total bookaholic! Reading and writing have always been a big part of her life and for this she thanks both her parents for passing down the literary gene and the passion for a good story.
Ninfa is big on Networking and co-runs an array of Facebook pages and blogs about books and all things supernatural. She also reviews books for the Facebook “Bookaholics Book Club” on a regular basis.
In this spirit, she's also training her daughter in these dark arts and plans on making her a huge geek, whether she likes it or not!
If you'd like to find out more about Ninfa and her stories, you can check out her Facebook author page, Ninfa Hayes.

And here's the big reveal!!
Cover design by Nicolene Lorette Design
Cover model : Mizzd-stock
Mist: I know right! It's gorgeous, so dark and gothic and awesome! the bright red hair and the candles are cool and the tattoo :)
Anyway, enough of me, here's the blurb!


Tonight is the Midwinter Solstice Ball, the most important night in the Daemonic Court's calendar.
This is the night when new disciples are chosen, when demons come out to play, and all bets are off.
As it happens, tonight is also the night I become Queen.

Last of the Blood

When the sweet scent reaches me I know I have found what I'm looking for.
My hands reach out in the darkness to the unaware girl.
She's warm and soft and doesn't even get to scream before I'm drinking deeply from her, her struggles too feeble to bother me.
Only the blood counts.
I've never tasted anything like it. Gloriously sweet, thick and strong and full of life.
I drink until the hunger subsides, until the body that I hold so close to me hangs lifelessly in my arms. Only then I see. Only then I recognize it, and the agony … oh, the agony is more than I can bear.

Irina is about to become Queen of the Daemonic Court and Damon is on the run from his own nature …where will their paths take them?

Two short stories that will seduce you with romance, danger, sensuality … and Vampire bites.
Bites will be available in ebook format from 26th March 2012 and paperback in April in two formats: Trade size (Large and available on most online retailers worldwid) and Bite size (available only through Lulu.com, Amazon and Bitten Fruit Books as a small novelty paperback).

Check out:
You can win one of three signed and personalised postcards of this pretty cover :)

- International.
- Winner will be contacted via email so please enter with an address you check regularly.
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  1. OMG this cover is amazing Ninfa i cant wait to get my hands on a copy but which to choose i want all 3 lol congrats :D


  2. Jenny, thank you so much,it means the world to me :) There'll be more info coming in the next couple of months so keep posted ;)
    I'm planning someon my author page on Facebook, more swag giveaways and a few teasers too :)
    Ninfa x


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