21 Dec 2011

UK vs. THE WORLD! (4)

UK vs. THE WORLD is a weekly feature that I've recently started.
Each week two UK book covers will battle it out against their foreign counterpart as we judge them and decide which we like better because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

This week is a Lauren Kate double feature and both foreign covers are Italian!

UK                            vs.                            Italy
Fallen book one.

Mist: I really like the Italian cover, it does have a magical feel to it and I like how a lot of it appears to be glowing.... but, I have always been in love with the UK cover, it's what made me pick it up when I came across it in the bookstore. I love the dark feel, the big black dress, the mystery of the girl with her face buried in her hands.
It's one of my favourite covers ever so UK win for me hands down.

Ninfa: No contest, the UK version wins hands down. Dark, Gothic, totally haunting. The Italian version isn't bad, but I don't like the model on the cover, though the background is beautiful. Still, not even close to the power of the UK.

UK                              vs.                             Italy

Mist: I like both of these covers, but I don't love them. I guess I prefer the UK cover a little bit more though, the dress of course is to die for and the back drop is stunning, it's just the girls pose I don't like.
The Italian cover is mysterious and that red cape is cool but at the same time, I don't really like it, I can't quite figure out why though lol

Ninfa: Another UK win, though I don't love either of the covers the Italian one looks like Little Red Riding Hood, so unless that's what the story is about I'm not impressed. the UK cover has a lovely purple theme and I like the waterfall at the back. Not a fan of the model, but overall a better cover in my opinion.

Which do you prefer?


  1. I like both UK covers as well. I do really like the other cover of Fallen just not for that series.

  2. love the u.k covers :)

  3. The UK cover for Fallen wins hands down for me, as well. The second book, I like the composition of the Italian cover, but the colors of the UK cover.


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