15 Dec 2011

Same difference (17)

Thanks to Thirdy Urbano for the tip!

My boyfriend is a zombie by Elita Daniels
and Passion by Lauren Kate - Fallen book three.
So I didn't find this by myself, a helpful follower tipped me off lol
I definitely like the 'Zombie' cover the best, I don't know why but I've never really likedthe Passion cover, I think it's the colouring and that girl is to dang skinny, even though it seems they've plumped her out to if you compare it to the zombie cover. Considering these books sit on teenage girls shelves I'm not sure it sends the best message, but anyway.
I love the background and the feel of the zombie cover and the girls hair is a better colour lol

Which do you prefer?

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  1. I know I saw this on Facebook and I was like, wow this looks familiar! I can't wait to read it though I love zombies!! Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnsssss

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Love the zombie cover. I agree, I think the girl on the passion cover is way too skinny, that was the first thing i noticed when i first saw that cover.

  3. I saw the zombie cover yesterday and had to go find my Torment copy to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I like the subtlety of the zombie color better. The color in Torment cover was too contrasting to the previous covers.

  4. That's curious, I never liked Passion's cover but I definitely like the one for My boyfriend is a zombie!

  5. how do you do that? they're almost exactly the same picture and on totally different books!!! yes, the girl is too skinny but i've noticed that many covers for YA novels feature girls that are super skinny. the girl on fallen is holding a rose, but the background is utterly beautiful and mysterious. the zombie cover is creepy. good job finding these covers and comparing them, the publishers should really have your input when deciding on a cover!

  6. never liked Passion cover much...AND you should check out Blackplume's blog she discovered TONS AND TONS of really similar covers!!!

  7. My boyfriend is a zombie is kinda cool :)
    I think I tweeted u a "same difference" covers a couple months ago, I was wondering if u got it. It was same difference of two erotic book covers. If not,oh well :)


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