7 Dec 2011

UK vs. THE WORLD! (2)

UK vs. THE WORLD is a weekly feature that I've recently started.
Each week two UK book covers will battle it out against their foreign counterpart as we judge them and decide which we like better because who doesn't love judging boks by their covers!

UK                              vs.                      Germany
Women of the Otherworld book one
(German translation of 'Die Nacht der W├Âlfin' is 'The night of the wolf')
Mist: I'm gonna have to go with the German cover here, how can you not? Those purple eyes are just gorgeous, I also really like the purple moon and the wolf, the whole thing so eye catching and intriguing. The UK cover, whilst I like the purple, it's kind of boring, I don't like the weird wolf picture.

Ninfa: Both lovely covers and so different from each other, but I have to say the UK cover is my favourite. I don't like the eyes in the German cover, if it had been just the wolf and full moon it would have been different, but as it stands I prefer the UK version. Love the purple colour and the almost Celt design for the wolf :)

UK                             vs.                      Lithuania
Beautiful malice by Rebecca James
(Lituanian translation of 'Tobula klasta' is 'Perfect ruse')
Mist: And again I think my vote is against UK! I love that lituanian cover! I love the girls expression, that fact that the only colour is her red lipstick and the broken glass really gives it the thriller feel that I believe it is. The UK cover is nice enough, the brunettes expression is interesting, is she jealous? angry? I want to find out but I still like the other cover better. I do like both titles though :)

Ninfa: Apart from the builidngs in the background, there's nothing really that I like from the UK cover. The models are a little bland and samey, nothing new. The Lithuanian cover is however very pretty and intriguing. I like the broken glass effect on the perfect face, it's very intriguing and I love the contrast with the red lips and the pale white face.

Lithuania wins ;)

Which do you prefer?

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  1. For bitten I vote World and for beautiful malice I vote uk


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