28 Dec 2011

UK vs. THE WORLD! (5)

UK vs. THE WORLD is a weekly feature that I've recently started.
Each week two UK book covers will battle it out against their foreign counterpart as we judge them and decide which we like better because who doesn't love judging books by their covers!

UK                                vs.                     Germany

Oupost book one.
('Die Wandlung' translates to 'The conversion' - According to Google translate)

Mist: Whilst the German cover is pretty I just don't get the Zombie feel from it... at all. That's why I'm voting UK, I love the cover anyway with the lone man and the shock of red at the top but it also gives that creepy feel that I know, having read it, the book has, the tagline is also pretty awesome.
The blue on the German cover is gorgeous but all the fish don't do much for me.

Ninfa: I like the UK cover, really love the tag on it, makes it really interesting and makes me curious about the plot.

I don't get the German cover with the fishes...it's a little confusing for me and doesn't really tell me anything about the book.
UK wins :)

UK                                 vs.                     Australia
The Violet Eden chapters book one.

Mist: Oh this is hard, they both pretty, but I think I'm swayed slightly more by the Australian cover, the girl is just more interesting and with her eyes open you can see there is a story she wants to tell, I love the purple to.
I do like the UK cover, the colours are lovely but I'm not sure if the girl is asleep or falling or, er something else.

Ninfa: That's got to be an Aussie win for me, both covers are very pretty but the Australian one is really sweet and I love the exspression on the model and the faint outline of the wings.

Which do you prefer?


  1. I pick the Uk cover for the first one. The German cover was confusing.

    I pick the Austrailian cover for the second.

  2. I agree with you both.

    The German cover for outpost is very pretty but if the story is about zombies it makes no sense at all. So I'm going with the UK version.

    And for Embrace, love the Aussie cover. And honestly, I really don't like the UK cover. I think it's kind of weird actually.


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