14 Dec 2011

UK vs. THE WORLD! (3)

UK vs. THE WORLD is a weekly feature that I've recently started.
Each week two UK book covers will battle it out against their foreign counterpart as we judge them and decide which we like better because who doesn't love judging boks by their covers!

UK                               vs.                         Turkey

The seven kingdoms book one. (Turkish translation of 'Yetenek' is 'Ability' - according to Google translate)

Mist: I've always loved the UK cover for this but that Turkish cover is just awesome! First I love the colour tones and the wispy smoky bits and I love how soft the girls face is and the little figure with the sword.
The UK cover is great. I really like the girls stance and the snowflakes but I think the Turkish cover wins for me.

Ninfa: I really like the UK cover, it always catches my eye when I go to the bookstore and it's really pretty. I love the model, she looks fierce and strong and very heroic, and I like the snow flakes and the wintery feel of the background, makes me curious about the storyline.
Not fond of the Turkish cover I'm afraid, don't really get the same Fantasy feel.
UK win for this one :)

UK                              vs.                     Germany
Gone with the respiration book one
Mist: Err I just don't like the UK cover, I know the guy is supposed to be a zombie but he still looks icky lol The bright orange is just to much for me but I do like the zombies in the background.
The German cover is kinda cool, I love the steampunk feel, I don't know why it has a different title though.
I vote for the German cover!

Ninfa: I have to admit I'm not crazy about either covers. From the UK one I like the tag line and the period clothes.

From the German cover I like the Steampunk feeling it gives and the black and white contrast. I also like the font of the title.
I think it's a German win this time.

Which do you prefer?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the UK one for Graceling. It's so beautiful.
    And, definitely Germany for Dearly Departed. Even though out of all of them I think the US one for Dearly Departed is the best, it's just beautiful. The UK one is horrid lol

    Great post =)


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