22 Dec 2011

Same difference (18)

Thanks to Jessie Gurniak for the tip.

Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate - Love stories book two

Once again I can't take the credit for this find!
I defintiely like the cover for sing me to sleep better, I love the rain and the hands are less shadowed so you can see them better.
The cover for sharing Sam is nice but bit boring, sing me to sleep even has a better font!

Which do you prefer?


  1. Definitely the Sing Me to Sleep cover. It has that dream-like quality to it!

  2. I like Sing Me to Sleep better, too. It's more eye-catching in every way from the colours to the font.

  3. wow! how do you find these??? it's amazing how the same picture can have so many differences on different book covers, good job finding them :) Go Jessie!

  4. I love so much Sing me to sleep!!! agree with you!! no competition for me...I don't hate sharing sam...I just like better SMTS


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