3 Aug 2011

Colours and Shapes review

Colours and shapes
Released 12th September 2011
Description for colours:
What happens when you mix two colours? What do you get if you mix blue and yellow? This book looks at colour and what happens when you play with it. Just flip the acetate to reveal a new colour and a new picture! Young children love to mix colours together.
Description for shapes:
Go on a journey of shapes with this story-in-pictures. Follow the red square from the airport,from lift-off to touchdown and transportation across many miles before reaching its final destination!

PatrickGeorge have taken another popular concept and treated it in a new and exciting way. Following on from the success of 'Opposites', we have created 11 spreads of colours, with a single printed graphic on an acetate sheet between them. This is another book ideal for early learning which treats colour play in an innovative and quirky way. PatrickGeorge are all about graphic design made accessible to all ages - illustrations that are simple, witty, and fun. We want to encourage interactive reading between adult and child.

Mine and Olivers review:
I have to say I love these books, they're a lot like retro art books as much as they are childrens books. I've never seen books with the acetate in between each page, me and Oliver had a lot of fun with these books, each piece of acetate has a simple shape on but put up against either of the pages on each side and it makes a different picture and a different colour in the colours book.
It's an extremely clever idea that makes for double the fun with each book. Oliver really liked all the colours and simple illustrations and did well at learning what the shapes and colours were.
I also looked at the shapes book with my older daughter who has learning difficulties and she loved it to, she did really well learning the shapes with me and I'll be using this book a lot more with her in the future.
I think these books will last a long time and will be popular with all three of my kids!

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