31 Aug 2011

End of August R.A.K round-up

R.A.K is the acronym for Random Acts of Kindness hosted by Book soulmates you can click the picture to find out more but basically you sign up every month that you'd like to participate then you can choose as many people as you like to send a booky gift to just for the sake of being nice!

It's the end of my second month participating in RAK already, what can I say, time flies when your getting books!
Here's the size of my RAK!

What I sent

First I sent these to Siobhan at Totally Bookalicious - I have the first one of these myself and one day I may actually read it lol
This I sent to Donna at Book passion for life - I'd never heard of it until I spotted it on Donnas wishlist but it sounded good so I picked it for her, if she enjoys it I might get it for myself lol
And finally I sent this to Alice at Best books - I also sent a copy to her blog partner Annmarie but I don't think she's signed up for RAK so it doesn't really count lol
What I got

Donna at Book passion for life sent me this oh so pretty book and Tynga at Tyngas reviews also sent me a Kindle ecopy
Donna also gave me these.
And these two were from my lovely friend Natalie Cleary

And that's all of them. I had another fab month participating in RAK and plan to sign-up for September as soon as it opens. I already have plans to get a few for Donna because it's her birthday and I'm going to pick a couple of random people from the sign-up sheet to buy for and make myself some new friends! :)

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  1. Awesome month Misty. Thank you so much for my book! :) - Donna


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