19 Mar 2012

The auction has begun!

If you haven't heard (then where have you been?) I'm having a charity book auction this week in honor of World Down syndrome day on Wednesday, all proceeds go to the Downs syndrome association.
Head on over to my Facebook page to the Charity auction photo album to get bidding!

But first please read the details below.

-To bid on an item, simply comment on the photo of it with your bid going up in denominations of £0.50p and include your email address (only once) so I can contact you if you're the winning bidder.

-I'm pretty sure you can comment on pictures without 'liking' the page but it's always noce if you want to anyway :)

-The auction is international but please bid in GBP and pence as this is the currency you will be paying in, it will get converted on your bank/card staetment but some banks do charge a small fee for international transactions so you should check this first with your bank if your concerned.

-Once the auction is over on Sunday (25th Mar) you will have until 22nd April to pay for any items you win.

-You can pay for your item(s) straight on my Virgin money giving page so you'll be safe in the knowledge that all the money you pay will go direct to the charity.

-I am paying for the p&p on most items myself so not everything will be sent out straight away as I'll have to spread it over a couple of months to be able to afford it, if you'd like to pay for or towards your p&p and receive priority mailing then contact me to arrange this.

-If you don't see anything you'd like to purchase in the auction but would still like to donate a monetary amount to the cause you can do that using my Virgin money giving page.

-Anything left over or not paid for by the deadline will go on ebay and any money made there (minus ebay and paypal fees) will be paid to the charity.

-Please be aware everything in the auction has been donated by fellow book readers so they are not all brand new, please ask for conditions.

-Feel free to share the auction with your friends and their moms! :p

-Any further questions you can email Bookaholics@live.co.uk or Tweet @BookaholicsBkCl

And that's everything! Happy bidding everyone and thank you in advance for your support!
I may add more items through the week so keep checking back!


  1. Congrats on doing such a wonderful thing. Sorry I never donated any books but I am bidding on a few which I guess the money is the most important thing. Good luck hope you do well.

  2. Congrats Misty! I can't wait to see how much money you raise! And of course you have my support so I'm heading over to big!! ~ Donna

  3. I'm not allowed facebook, but I want to bid. What should I do?

  4. I will be donating shortly, as I have not managed to get by backside in gear wrt sending you books. Good luck with the auction! I'll make sure it gets tweeted lots over the next few days xxx


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