20 Mar 2012

Deliverance - Review by Ninfa

“Deliverance” (Adult Urban/Paranormal Fantasy)

Book 3 in “The Mortal Path” series
by Dakota Banks

Maliha's back!

Story: Maliha Crane has given up immortality as a Sumerian Demon slave and chosen the Mortal Path, a difficult road to pay off the debt she owes, for the lives she has taken during her killer years.
But now she has a higher purpose, not only can she save herself, but if she finds the fabled shards of Anu's diamond Great Lens, she can destroy the Demons that plague the Earth and save humanity, changing life forever.
This, however, could cost her the thing she prizes the most: her family of friends.
Can Maliha sacrifice the lives of those she loves for the greater good? Or can she find a way to save her friends and still carry on the Mortal Path?
The Demon Rabishu is not the only one on Maliha's trail and more Ageless assassins are ready to strike her down.
Compromises and earth shattering discoveries await her on the path to redemption...

I've been waiting for what feels like ages for the third instalment in the Mortal Path series, and as always, Dakota Banks has delivered an incredible read that I have thoroughly enjoyed.
“Deliverance” is sizzling hot and full of the trademark action that accompanies this fantastic series.
I absolutely loved this book!
I never thought “Deliverance” could top “Dark Time” and “Sacrifice”, but Dakota Banks has managed to add to Maliha's story without making it sound repetitive, something not many authors can accomplish.
“Deliverance” is fresh, fast paced and adds so much flavour and background to the series that I can't help but wonder what awaits us in book 4!
Maliha's growth as a character is still engaging and believable, her choices harder as she gets closer to her goal, as it should be.
Her interaction with her friends and the weaving of different back stories only adds to the incredible tapestry of emotions explored in the book and I enjoyed meeting the new characters (Elizabeth is such an incredible portrayal of pure evil! I just loved to hate her!), as well as getting to know the more familiar ones better.
The plot is outstanding as usual, full of twists and turns and incredible revelations. FANTASTIC.
There aren't many books that keep me guessing until the end but I have to admit the last few pages of “Deliverance” gave me quite the thrill. I simply did not see the end coming and I look forward to the next stage.
Some characters are lost in this book (I will not go into details as I don't like to give spoilers!), but it all wraps up nicely, setting the scene for more struggles to come.
This series is definitely one of my favourites of all time and I cannot wait for the next book!!!
All I can say is:
Wow. Incredible. Love it! Buy it!
And if you haven 't read this series...WHY?!?! ;)

Also from the author: “Dark time” and “Sacrifice”, Books 1 and 2 in “The Mortal Path” series (check out my reviews in this photo album).

You'll love it if you like: Action books packed with thrills and hi-tech gadgets, Urban Fantasy, Mythology based stories, kick ass heroines and awesome storytelling!

If you'd like to know more about the author, or “The Mortal Path” series, head on to Dakota's official website:

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Happy reading Bookaholics!

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