6 Mar 2012

Jack and the baked beanstalk - Review

Jack and the baked beanstalk by Colin Stimpson
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What's it about?
"Fee-fi-fo-fummy, I'm always counting money!"
Jack and his mom run a little café, but business has dried up and they're nearly broke. So when Jack comes home with only an old can of baked beans in return for their last few pennies, his mother throws it out the window. Overnight it grows into a gigantic baked beanstalk, which takes Jack to the castle of a giant who spends all his time counting his huge fortune. Jack helps the giant to find something more fun to do, and saves the café in the process!
Mine and Oliver's review
The first thing I noticed about this book is the beautiful and wonderfully detailed illustrations, I loved the way it was drawn and Oliver enjoyed taking the time to explore each picture.
This is a fabulous modern take on the original tale of Jack and the beanstalk where Jack trades for a can of baked beans and the giant is a banker who's always counting his money. It kept me just as entertained as it did Oliver as we both giggled at the story and I mentally compared it to the story I've always known.
This is a book that can be enjoyed by girls and boys alike and I predict it will stay a firm favourite in my house when I try it with my other two children, that is, if Oliver will give it up for long enough for me to!


  1. I need to get my 5 year old this!! lol

  2. Too cute, would love to have it for my grandbaby girl. Will look for it. Just adorable.


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