30 Mar 2012

Bites - review

Bites by Ninfa Hayes
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What's it about?
Tonight is the Midwinter Solstice Ball, the most important night in the Daemonic Court's calendar.
This is the night when new disciples are chosen, when demons come out to play, and all bets are off.
As it happens, tonight is also the night I become Queen.


When the sweet scent reaches me I know I have found what I'm looking for.
My hands reach out in the darkness to the unaware girl.
She's warm and soft and doesn't even get to scream before I'm drinking deeply from her, her struggles too feeble to bother me.
Only the blood counts.
I've never tasted anything like it. Gloriously sweet, thick and strong and full of life.
I drink until the hunger subsides, until the body that I hold so close to me hangs lifelessly in my arms. Only then I see. Only then I recognize it, and the agony ... oh, the agony is more than I can bear.


Irina is about to become Queen of the Daemonic Court and Damon is on the run from his own nature ... where will their paths take them?

Two short stories that will seduce you with romance, danger, sensuality ... and Vampire bites.
My review
I'm already a fan of this authors work being as she's my friend, writing partner and co-owner of the Facebook page for this blog so it might seem my review is a little biased, I am mentioned in the acknowledgements after all! But she knows I would tell her truthfully if I didn't like it because I pride myself on being a honest reviewer... so it's lucky i loved it! :p
The book is actually two short stories so I'll review them individually.

Although I found the multiple time changes in a short story a bit dizzying I still really enjoyed this one, it's a dark, engaging, tale about a guy struggling to find his place in the world... oh and did I mention he's a hot, brooding, vampire? Yum!
I really enjoyed taking Damon's journey with him and I loved how each chapter started with his internal monologue of what he's thinking and feeling, and then is followed with what's happening, it really gave me an insight into what was going on in his head at all times. The ending was so bittersweet, as it made sense but was sad to.

This one was my favourite of the two, for a short story there's a lot crammed in there, but it's not overloading. All the intricate mythology used was just awesome but not confusing and, I don't want to give anything away, but I loved the twist on a very well known tale, it was fresh and really had me feeling for the "bad guys."
Irina is a great character who wants nothing more than her dreary life to be shaken up and boy does it! She suddenly goes through so much and I was totally gripped to see where the story was taking her, she really grows up on her little adventure and I loved how she ended up!

So, in all two really great, wonderfully written stories that any paranormal lover should love!

My thoughts on the cover
This cover is totally gorgeous, everyone loves a stunning dress! I love how dark it is, it captures the tales that are told in the book, that symbol made me curious when I first saw it and now I know what it is, I love it, I also really like that the text is at the bottom so you can see the whole picture.

Favourite quotes
Last of the blood
'I don't know when I stopped caring, and just embraced it; when the last shroud of humanity fled in the face of the being I have become. It feels good not to care.'

'Her lips tremble, and I see such desperation in her eyes that the need to reach out and hold her almost overwhelms me.'

'But really, could you see me as the carpenter's wife? I didn't think so.'

'Like a dark blossom unfurling it's petals, the power envelopes me completely, becoming part of my essence, transforming it until I am made anew.'

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  1. Nice review there! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy :)


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