30 Sep 2011

The Goddess test UK blog tour - Quickie interview with Aimée Carter

The Goddess test by Aimée Carter

To grant her dying mother’s last wish, Kate Winters drives them both back to their hometown of Eden. A seemingly desolate place dominated by the eerie Eden Manor, Kate is haunted by strange events and a mysterious figure lurking by the Manor.
Enlisting at the local high-school, Kate finds she’s less than popular with Ava – queen bee of the school. When Ava plays a prank on Kate that goes tragically wrong, the brooding figure reappears to Kate, proclaiming himself to be Lord of the Underworld. The tall dark and impossibly good-looking Henry promises to save Ava’s life on the condition that Kate agrees to spend the winter with him in the Underworld. Kate agrees, but with her own conditions. Henry must also save her mother.
On entering the Underworld, Kate is treated with unexpected reverence. Spending the winter with the troubled but gorgeous Henry and surrounded by servants ready to wait on her hand and foot, life in the Underworld is something she could get used to. That is until it becomes apparent that Kate is to embark on a series of tests, to see if she is capable of becoming a Goddess herself.
Fighting for the approval of 14 unknown Gods and Goddesses, whilst avoiding a premature death that has befallen prospective Goddesses before her, Kate battles through the winter to save her mother. But is Kate part of a plan bigger than she could imagine, and can she stop herself from falling in love with the Lord of the Underworld himself?

About the Author.
Aimée Carter was born and raised in Michigan, where she currently resides. She started writing at eleven, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and received a degree in Screen Arts and Cultures (a fancy way of saying she was forced to watch a lot of old movies) with a subconcentration in Screenwriting. She writes. She watches a lot of new movies. Reads a lot of books. Tweets too much. Loves dogs and have two spoiled Papillons.

For more information visit www.miraink.co.uk, www.aimeecarter.com and follow Amy on Twitter @ aimee_carter.
Quickie interview.
(Questions were asked by both myself and Ninfa)

1) There are so many great myths, is there any particular reason you chose the story of Hades and Persephone to give a modern day twist?
– It wasn’t so much a conscious choice on my part as it was a story idea that presented itself, if that makes sense. I didn’t consciously sort through mythology looking for something to give a modern day twist. It was just a story I very much wanted to write.

2) Is there a meaning behind the modern names you chose for the Gods?
–I chose many of the names for their meanings, yep! Especially the more minor characters. They were all Greek names to begin with, and though I have to admit that about half of the names changed during the editing process (for instance, Ella’s name was originally Eris), I did try to keep meanings attach to those names. One of my favourites is Phillip, which means lover of horses. Which is significant once you find out who he is. :)

3) Which one of the Gods would you date and why? – They all have their pros and cons. I’m not sure there’s any one god who’s sticking out.
–If Hades was anything like Henry, I would probably go for him. But I suspect the Underworld would be a gloomy place to live.

4) Was there a favourite character to write in the story? One that came to you easily?
– Henry and James were two of my favourites, mostly because of their traits and motivations, which were very clear in my mind. I also loved writing Ava – she’s such a loose cannon, and sometimes the things she said surprised even me.

5) And lastly, are you a Bookaholic?
– If you saw just how many books I have, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. :)

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  1. thx for the interview it's a nice one ;) thinking of reading the book


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