14 Sep 2011

Wednesdays Worldly covers - #30

Wednesdays worldly covers is a weekly thing I do where each week I'll show you a cover from around the world

I thought this cover was pretty cool, it's the French cover for Rebelle (or Rebel) which is Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien. It's plain and simple, but really pretty and the runes or hieroglyphs on the girls face are interesting.
I've not read the book yet but I'm interested to find out more.

I also wanted to show you the German version, Die Stadt der verschwundenen Kinder (The city of lost children)
Remind you of anything?
lol it is of course the same cover used for the US version of Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
And as usual here is the UK version for your viewing pleasure.
This is definitely my favourite, it's sitting on my shelf in all it's prettyness and I'm planning to read it soon along with Prized which I have from NetGalley :)

Which do you prefer?

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