21 Jul 2011

Follower survey

As promised here is the follower survey. The first 15 people to respond will recieve one of the incentives mentioned yesterday, they will be contacted in order to choose which they'd like.
Most questions are mandatory but a few are optional, please be fully honest, we won't be offended if you say there's something you don't like, we're trying to make the page and blog better for everyone.

Ok here's the link:

A big Thanks in advance for helping us out


  1. Ohh...I forgot to mention this in the survey. Its just a suggestion but would it be possible to increase the font size of the text a little bit? I find it a bit difficult to read and have to squint my eyes sometimes. Lol.
    Best wishes xx

  2. Sure. The blogs going to be getting a make over anyway when we have a new image so I'll be sure to get a bigger font


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