14 Jul 2011

Guest post - Cally Clark-Traversari

Cally's Creations - Unique and Affordable Art!

My name is Cally Clark Traversari and I am a self taught artist from Birmingham, currently living in Wolverhampton. I have always been a creative person and have enjoyed art since I was a child. I have only just recently (March 2011) been painting and creating to sell, as I lost my job in October and needed something to keep me going when I wasn’t successful finding a job. Although I haven’t found a 9 to 5 I would now class being an Artist as my job. I know it doesn’t bring in a regular wage, but it’s much more rewarding as my creative business continues to grow..
I would desrcibe my work as unique, whimsical, vibrant, and most importantly affordable. I see many artists selling their work very expensive these days, so I decided to create affordable art for everyone, whether it be for their home, as a gift or their office space.

Here are a couple of artworks I currently have for sale:
'Spooky friends' orignal canvas painting.
'We're glad it never rained today' original canvas.

I  not only sell original pieces but prints, too, at insanely small costs. I also sell printed postcards and various other items with my designs on. I am currently trying to expand this part of my business, however.
I also have recently started creating one off personalised paintings for new borns, children, for special occasions
that you can give as gifts!

If you want to check my work out further you can visit my official web page or go to my page on facebook.

Hope to see you soon

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