21 Jul 2011

Knight night review

Knight night by Owen Davey
Releases 1st August 2011

This is my first childrens book review, Oliver is my son who will be participating in these review, he's only two so it'll be a more minimal input lol

What's it about?
Going to bed is a great adventure for one little boy in this charming tale. It might seem like he's putting his toys away, brushing his teeth and climing into bed, but actually he's riding thorugh a hallway forest, jumping over bathroom crocodiles and climbing a castle wall - no wonder he's exhausted and falls straight to sleep!

Mine and Olivers review.
This is a lovely book, it sticks with the same natural colour tone as the cover and has some lovely pictures, Oliver enjoyed exploring them and we lingered on each page so he could have a good look. The story is cute and simple it follows a little boys bedtime routine but in his imagination as a Knight which will appeal to any little boy but reading it to my older Daughter after proved it's for girls to as she also enjoyed it. There's one line of a few words to each page so it's a short book, good for if your little one has a short attention span, making it a perfect start to get them into books. The only thing I will say as a slight negative is that the text is very small, especially for such big pages so I don't think it would be so suitable for when your child is learning to read later on but still a lovely book I'm sure we'll read over and over together.

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