25 Jul 2011


Hello, I just wanted to put out a little update for my bloggy followers who aren't on Facebook.
Yesterday evening I sent out our very first weekly newsletter! If your interested in receiving our newsletter there's a little button to sign up on the right, once you sign up it should change and give you the option to see last nights newsletter. It's mostly just a round-up of what's been going on this week, here and on Facebook so it's good for people that miss posts or only follow us in one place :)

Also this week on Facebook I started off a poll for our next Travelling book, these are the books you can vote for:

If you'd like to vote then go here.

I also wanted to remind you our artsy contest to design us a new graphic which will be used as our header and profile picture is still running, there's a chance to win lots of books!
(The picture will take you there)

And I think that's about it :)

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