4 Nov 2011

Audio Friday #3 - The Sookie Stackhouse series

Audio (every other) Friday is a fortnightly feature where me and my guest audio reviewer Wanda take turns reviewing audio books.
This week it's Wandas turn.
The Sookie Stackhouse (True blood) series by Charlaine Harris
The first six books.
Dead until dark
Living dead in Dallas
Club dead
Dead to the world
Dead as a doornail
Definitely dead

About the author and narrator.
Charlaine Harris born in 1951, 25 November in Tunica Mississippi it the author of the critically acclaimed urban fantasy - The Southern Vampire series. She wrote 11 books in the Sookie Stackhouse series to date and this review will deal with the first six audio books in the series as narrated by Johanna Parker. Johanna Parker has been nominated for two audi audibook narrator awards. She was the winner of the audiofile 2006 Earphones award for the narrating of the Sookie Stackhouse series. This is a well deserved accolade.
About audiobooks.
A few years ago I discovered the wonderful world of audio books as an alternative to reading printed or e-books. I regarded my first experience with some trepidation but soon came to love it.
The uses of audio books are myriad. I use it to calm down after a long day at work. I think for a parent this is a wonderful tool in the teaching of proper pronunciation of words. It is definitely something I would use to calm the little ones as well as to ensure that they get exposed to the proper pronunciation of words from a very young age.
The most integral parts of the Audio book is that the story must be engaging and then secondly and here is the clincher - that the narrator should be engaging and interesting.
About the books.
The Sookie Stackhouse series deals primarily with Sookie, a telepath living on the fringe of her world because she can't cope with what people is thinking. Over the years, she has learned to hide the fact that she can read minds but sometimes she slip and answer an unasked question. This ability of hers has normal people treat her with more than only a bit of trepidation.
Her life chances the moment she meets Bill the Vampire. She can't read the minds of Vampires and finds with him a calm and sensuality she always craved. Soon in the series Eric, in effect the Sheriff of the area and Bills Vampire boss is introduced. The story takes a turn for the worse at this stage for poor Sookie; she is drawn in to the other world in order to protect Bill. She learns that not only are Vampires real but so as well is fairies, werewolves and amongst others changelings.
Each book sees a new set of characters introduced.
What I love most about the Sookie series is that apart from her telepathy, Sookie is the girl next door. She has financial problems, she fears being alone and lonely. She sunbathes and she reads, like most avid readers she goes to the library to check out books.
This girl next door persona is the perfect offset for the weird and wonderful world in which Sookie lives. Any reader can identify with Sookie which gives the series a charm and an accessibility that few series can claim.
No two ways about it. I was very skeptical about the series at first. But fell in love with it and can't wait to have time to listen to the rest in the series.
In the beginning of this review I told you about the accolades of Johanna Parker. But all the accolades in the world cannot translate to the audio book listener the woman's mastery at reading this series. You form a mental picture of the characters which stays with you and makes you feel as if you know each and every character. This is a rare talent indeed.
I simply love the Sookie Stackhouse audio series and will give it a 5 star rating.

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  1. Sookie Stackhouse Books are great - my typical relaxation read. I like it that Sookie is a regular girl, too.


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