23 Nov 2011

WWC, (40) UK vs US (7) and UK vs AUS (2)

I love looking at pretty and different and just plain strange covers so these different features give me and Ninfa, who comments with me, an excuse to do it.
However, I would like to know if you think the post is to crowded, if I should split it up or if you like it?
Wednesdays worldly covers is where we share a cover from around the world.
This is a feature I made up myself not long after I started the blog, if you'd like to play along just post a foreign cover and link your post :)
First up is the Slovakian cover of Označená (Designated) by P.C. and Kristin Castová.

I really like this one, I love the pattern and the shade of blue and the girl is very pretty.
And this is the UK cover for comparison.

And I like this one to, the girls pink eye is very interesting and the font is cool.
UK vs US is where two covers of the same book from the UK and the US battle it.
This is not one I made up but I don't know where the feature originated either.
UK                                                                US
Chigagoland Vampires book five.

US definitely wins for me! Whilst the UK cover is pretty cool and different the models stance is completely lazy so she doesn't pull off that kick ass outfit and kinda ruins the cover. The girl on the US cover looks a lot tougher and I love the red and the lightening.

And this last one I did as a special last week when we were doing a double post but then decided to keep it.
Whilst I've not see anyone else do this I doubt I'm the only one lol
Oh and obvs I haven't made a picture for it!

UK                                                                     AUS
The Mercy series book three.

I love them both I'm not sure I could choose! The golds and the feathers and the butterfly's are all gorgeous on the UK cover but I do love the pinky purple colours on the AUS cover in the end though I think I have to vote UK! I also noticed how both have the girls face hidden, that's interesting! :)

Which do you prefer?
And like I said at the start please let me know if you think there's to much in this post or if it's ok.
Should I split them into separate posts and make some crazy amalgamation; UK vs the world! haha


  1. I think UK Vs The World is a great name LOL

    Even though I am not a fan of the Chicagoland Vampires series I do like the US covers. I don't really like the UK covers for them. I think they are really weird.

    I love the UK cover for Muse I just think it's so beautiful

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