12 Nov 2011

Carrier of the mark - Review

Carrier of the mark by Leigh Fallon
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What's it about?
Their love was meant to be.
When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam DeRÍs. .
But Megan is about to discover that her feelings for Adam are tied to a fate that was sealed long ago—and that the passion and power that brought them together could be their ultimate destruction.

My review
I've been really excited for this book ever since I first heard about it so when I was asked if I'd like a copy early for review I, of course, jumped at the chance and started the book as soon as I could, so I'm really disappointed I didn't like it. Lot's of it felt completely underdeveloped and rushed, well except for the explanation on what a 'Carrier of the mark' is, which I found extremely complicated and was still confused by the end.
There was no time spent on building Megan and Adam's relationship, in fact the first time they ever speak is when they get together, then five minutes later they're declaring their love, I found it completely unbelievable and again rushed.
And I felt there were a lot of wasted opportunities to explore some of the background, especially when our gang travel to Dublin, we're given lots of detail on a dusty old room they have a meeting in but when Megan and Adam go for a wander of the city it's skipped over when I'd love to have seen more of the beautiful Irish backdrop.
I did, however find the ending exciting and enjoyed the writing in general and the use of mythology, so even though there were parts I didn't like it wasn't difficult to get to the end. All of the characters were likable, Megan adapts to her new school and then to her new situation really well and isn't afraid of the challenges she faces. She has an easy friendship with Caitlin which was fun to read and I found all of the DeRis siblings had there own personalities.
I'm still indecided on whether I'll read the next book but if I happen to come across it I expect I probably will in the hopes that more time will be out into all of areas of the book to make for a more 'fuller' read.


  1. Shame this fell flat for you! I've been meaning to buy it for a while and see what it's all about.

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Love your honest reviews.

    Overall I really enjoyed it. I agree with you that Megan and Adams relationship was fsr too rush. That annoys me in books. But I loved the Celtic mythology and really looking forward to book 2.


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