16 Nov 2011

Wednesdays worldly covers (38/39) and UK vs US (5/6)

Wednesdays worldly covers is a weekly feature I made up where every week I share a cover from around the world because who doesn't love a pretty cover!
Since we missed last week this week will be a double feature :)
This is the French cover for 'Mortels petits secrets' which translates to the same as our title Deadly little secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz.
Mist: I've never read this book but I'm pretty sure this crrepy cover doesn't suit it lol It's so dark and morbid, I don't like. but I do like the font and the pretty pink flowers and vines.

Ninfa: Really nice, I love the dark feel of it and the model with her eyes closed is very intriguing. It makes me want to know more about what she's hiding and why she looks almost ashamed. I like.
And this here is our cover in the UK and the US.
Mist: This one is so much nicer, it's breezy and kinda makes me think of spring. Whilst I don't think it'd stop me in a store, I like it.

Ninfa: I like the title and the frame around it is really pretty. Not sure about the actual whole cover though, it's kinda boring and doesn't really give me any big reactions...Perhaps a little too vague for me.
And for your second dose here's the German cover for Meerjungfrau sucht Prinz fürs Leben (Mermaid Prince looks for life) by Tera Lynn childs, otherwise known as Forgive my fins.
Mist: I don't get the title of this one at all (Perhaps Google translate didn't get it right lol) but I do think the cover is lots of fun, the way the tail is drawn on for a cartoonish feel, it lets me know this is a light book.

Ninfa: This cover is so much fun, and gives you a very clear idea of what the story is going to be like. I love the drawn mermaid tale and the gorgeous blue sea background. Very, very pretty.
And here is what it looks like in the UK.
Mist: I really love this cover. I like the aqua tint over the whole thing and the drawing of bubbles and shells and the fun font, it's great!

Ninfa: Very cute and very girlie, exactly what a YA cover should be. Love the little bubbles on the side and the pink title.
UK vs US is where we compare the uk and us cover of the same book.
Lots of other blogs do this but I don't know where it originated.
UK                                                            US

Mist: Whilst I like the US cover it's a UK win for me. I love the tag line and the eerie almost scary feel from the girl crouching alone. The US cover is cool but I don't like that yellow and the girl in the middle kind of doesn't fit in.

Ninfa: I prefer the US version with the gold yellow cover. It looks so apocalyptic and I like the lonely figure walking through the rubble in the destroyed city, it really makes me want to find out more about the book. The UK version is kinda sad and grey but I do like the tag at the top...if they put that on top of the US one it'd be perfect, so US win for me on this one.

And for the second helping I thought I'd do something a bit different.
UK                                                               AUS
Mist: Another UK win for me, it's simplicity gives it a creepier feel than the AUS cover that has lots going on and gives the book a younger feel. I love the blue on the UK cover of the and the tagline. The people on the AUS cover are kind of cheesy but I like all the clouds and lightening.

Ninfa: This is a UK win. I love the slick and elegant cover, it's so modern and sci-fi. The Aussie version is a little too busy for me and I don't like the POD title font and colour.
UK wins.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. Gosh the UK cover of The Reapers are the Angels is so damn gorgeous! :D
    Haven't read that book yet but the UK cover is so tempting me to ^^
    Don't really like the US one though..
    I'm thinking it's something to do with the colours? :/


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