30 Nov 2011

UK vs. THE WORLD! (1)

Today is the birth of our new feature!
Since I started the blog I've done 'Wednesdays worldly covers' where I shared a cover each week from around the world and also showed the UK cover for people who didn't know what it looked like.
Recently I started adding on a 'UK vs. US' post and even more recently 'UK vs. AUS', but the post was getting to crowded and I wanted to simplify it whilst still keeping it original(ish)
So I've come up with 'UK vs. THE WORLD!'
Each week to UK book covers will battle it out against their foreign counterpart as we judge them and decide which we like better because who doesn't love judging boks by their covers!
If you'd like to join in then make up a post yourself, take the picture if you like, then come and leave a link so I can see it :)

Week one

UK                              vs.                  Bulgaria

Die for me by Amy Plum
Revenants book one.
Mist: Oh it's a tough one, since they're both so simlair and gorgeous! I think though that I have to go UK. I love the deeper shade of red and the more modern dress. I do however love the patterns on both.

Ninfa: Really difficult choice as both covers are gorgeous, pretty much the same colour pallet use with the shades of red, though the Bulgarian cover model is a little more period-y. I'd have to go for the UK cover as my favourite, the model, the dress, the Paris view, is all very atmospheric and stylish,really love it

UK                         vs.                         US
Benny Imura book two.

Mist: Well I like the blue of the UK cover and it's kinda creepy but the US cover definitely catches my eye, even though the UK cover conveys the theme more, the US cover is what I'd be more likely to pick up if I passed it in a bookstore so US wins for me.

Ninfa: Another UK win. This cover really stands out, it's dark, shoking, scary and intriguing. I like the blue colour with the skull in the backdrop, very effective. I also like the review quote by Charlaine Harris. The US cover just doesn't grab me as much, it's a little drab in the grey tones and a bit same-y compared to other book covers in stores.

Which do you prefer?


  1. I prefer the UK one for the first cover: I like the deeper shade of red, even though they're quite similar otherwise.

    As for the second, I think I'd go with the US one :)

    Great covers and great feature!
    Vicky @ Books, Biscuits & Tea

  2. Die for me: UK for sure. It's just more attractive.

    Dust and Decay: none, I personally think both covers are horrible.

  3. Definitely the UK cover for Die For Me!
    The colours, design, the words, it just all comes together really well!
    Much better than the US one.

    As for Dust and Decay I would pick the US one ^^
    It's more eye-catching than the UK cover which is just, well, blue.
    Although the colour of the author's name for the US cover doesn't seem to match as well with the whole cover :/


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