12 Nov 2011

Whiteout - Review

Whiteout by Cambria Hebert
(Short story)
Available 23rd November

What's it about?
Lost in a world of white, I lay. Pain and cold were my only companions. How long would it take me to die? Would the cold freeze my heart and stop its beating?
A red plastic sled saved the day. A woman saved my life.
Unfortunately, saving my life might cost Grace her own. We get one day together, Christmas day, one day of bliss among misery. Too soon the tree is down and all that’s left of the cinnamon biscuits are crumbs.
The people who want me dead come back to see their task complete. I didn’t have a plan, but Grace did.
Never trust a woman with a shotgun.

My review
I've mentioned before that I don't really go for short stories but I'm totally glad that I did end up enjoying this one. Whilst I'd like to have known more about the back story of how our characters got to be where they are, that's just my full length novel preference coming through, but I know, I know this is a short story! And I did get into it right away and I was really intrigued to know what was happening and what was going to happen.
I really liked both the main characters as well, I could grasp what kinds of people they were even in such a short space.
I'm trying my best not to spoil so I'll just say I really liked where it went and how it ended, it was believeable and the christmas setting was an extra plus for me beacause I love Christmas!

My thoughts on the cover
I really like it, you definitely get that cold winter feel and the bloody heart really gives it something extra and makes you wonder what it's about, at least that's what I think lol

Favourite quote
I was jealous as hell she had men's clothing here. the thought of any man touching her made me angry. And I did know her. she was brave and caring; she was loyal and strong. And she cooked good food.


  1. Misty- another fabulous review. The time and care you take putting a review together is so wonderful. Its obvious you treat an author's words with great respect. Thank you so much and i am glad you enjoyed Whiteout!

  2. I'm not much on short stories usually, but this one sounds so intriguing! And that cover is STUNNING. I'll have to go and check it out :)


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