1 Oct 2011

Author interview with Becca Fitzpatrick and exclusive giveaway

Note: This is interview was done by our lovely Ninfa, not myself.
Hush, Hush Graphic novel
Becca Fitzatrick's "Hush Hush" series has been a great success in the YA market and now, thanks to Sea Lion Books, "Hush Hush" is about to get a fabulous Graphic Novel make over.
With authors like Richelle Mead and Anne Rice working on different projects with Sea Lion Books, this is shaping up to be a good year to get into comics and Graphic Novels for both YA and Adult Paranormal book lovers :)
I've been lucky enough that Becca has agreed to take a little time in her very busy schedule, to answer a few questions about this exciting time, so here we go:
  • "Hush Hush" has been a great success in book format,what prompted you to consider the idea of a Graphic Novel format? 
Readers often tell me that they can see scenes from Hush, Hush playing out in their minds—almost like watching a movie. I think because the story is very plot-driven, it translates well into a more visual medium. I think many of my readers are looking forward to viewing the story through artwork. 
  • How did you envision the "Hush Hush" world and how did you communicate your vision to the artists working on the "Hush Hush" Graphic Novel illustrations?
Hush, Hush Book
I knew going into the project that the images in my head couldn't be perfectly replicated on the page. But honestly, I've been very pleased with the designs. While I didn’t want to dictate every last detail, I did provide character and setting descriptions to Jennyson Rosero (the artist) and he, in turn, translated my input into sketches.
  • What is in your opinion the character that better translated into visual art and why?
So far I have been really pleased with all of them. But I have to say watching Patch come to life, through all of the different stages, has been particularly fun.
  • How involved were you with the Graphic Novel project,and how much input did you give into the way it was shaped both visually and in the narrative?
In the early stages, there was quite a bit of back and forth. With each round, we got closer and closer to nailing the artwork. I also posted sketches on my blog several times, and readers gave an incredible amount of feedback. They've definitely had a hand in shaping the graphic novel.
  • Are the other books being considered for Graphic Novel translation? Can you give us a little exclusive? :)
Hush, Hush will be adapted into three graphic novels. After that, we'll have to wait and see!
  • Do you read Graphic Novels? What's your favourite?
As a child, I loved Archie Comics. For the record, I was Team Betty. Now, as an adult and mom of two boys, I read Bone by Jeff Smith, Batman, and Captain Underpants.

Hush, Hush the Graphic novel will be realeased 8th November 2011!
So, to celebrate the release of the "Hush Hush" Graphic Novel, Sea Lion Books is offering to one lucky person a one of a kind, incredibly exclusive "Hush Hush" poster!
All you have to do is fill in the form ;)
Also, I'd like to thank Becca Fitzpatrick and Jennifer Martin (Becca's super efficient assistant), as well as Patrick "Bosley" and Gladys at Sea Lion Books for facilitating this interview and for the Swag ;)

Good luck Bookaholics!


  1. Great interview and giveaway to match !!! Ive ordered the Prologue and cant wait !!



    (( thanks to sealion for the giveaway tooo ))

  2. great interview and thanks for the giveaway:)

  3. I'm so excited for the graphic novel to come out. I ordered the prologue as soon as I saw it was on sale. It was a no brainer lol. I love this series.



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