12 Oct 2011

Wednesdays Worldly covers #34 and UK vs US #1

Wednesdays worldly covers is a weekly feature where each week I share a cover from around the world.
But now it's also getting a bit of a face lift becasue I've decided to now starting doing UK vs US along with it every week. Lots of other blogs already do it, including a couple I follow Totally bookalicious and Book passion for life so I thought I'd join in on all the cover fun.
Basically it's comparing a UK cover and a US cover of the same book to see which we like best.

Also, you all know Ninfa who runs the page on Facebook with me, well she's going to be appearing a lot more on the blog from now on, in her own guest posts and we'll do these posts together.
This weeks wwc is Herzklopfen auf Französisch (palpitations in French) It's the German cover for Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
Mist: Isn't it cute! I really love the cheeseness of the heart shaped croissants and the pink polka dots, it's very girly.

Ninfa: I  think this cover is adorable,really girly,fun and very pink,it also doesn't hurt that it has croissants on the cover,which are yummy and clearly a hint to the "French" in French Kissing ;)
Thumbs up for me
And this here is the US cover (usually I show the UK one for comparison but it's not out over here!)
Mist: I like this one to, I like how the hands aren't quite touching, it makes you want to find out why. It's also very obvious where it's set with the Eiffle tower in the background lol

Ninfa: This cover with the Eiffel Tower is not for me...I find it a little tooo cliche' and a boring,there's nothing different or fun about it. not something I'd pick up in a book store,at least not me...

UK                                                               US

Mist: I love them both so much!! I love in the UK cover that the girl seems to floating and has that spark coming from her hand, it's so interesting and makes me want to know why, especially with that tag line. I also really love the light blue colour dotted around. But then I really like the pinky purple in the US cover and the light coming from her hand and the flower. Overall though I think I like the UK one the most.

Ninfa: For Touch of Power it has to be the UK cover. I don't like the girl in the US version,the whole things looks a little dated for me,like a '70s book cover or something,and the UK one reminds me of the covers for the "Study series" which I really loved,so It works better for me and it means the books will look great together in my bookshelves

Which do you prefer?


  1. For touch of power i prefer the UK version, it looks better but it also fits in the the cover art work for the glass series and study series, so it will look nice on my bookshelf :D

  2. Yay! You did it. Looks awesome. Soooo...I'm voting for US for the Maria book. So pretty!

  3. That German cover is a tad too clunky for me. Not really the word I'm looking for, but I think the croissants are making more of a circle than a heart shape, so it doesn't do much for me.

    I can't pick a fav between the UK and US covers of Touch of Power - they're both really eye-catching to me! I like both colour schemes as well, though I have to admit the US cover pops just a little more when side by side, just because of the brighter colours.

  4. The German cover for Anna and the French Kiss is so cute! Really different. I think I prefer the other one though - I love Paris, so I like seeing the Eiffel Tower, and I love that the words are on the bench, their bands aren't quite touching, and you can't see him. As for the other one, they're both incredible, but my eye keeps being drawn to the US one, maybe because of the colours. They give such different impressions - one so dark and the other light and colourful.

  5. For touch of power i prefer the UK version, it looks better


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