8 Oct 2011

In Mists mailbox 16

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi and The story siren
Each week we share the books we got that week and here's what I got

3rd October - 9th October
(Book links go to Goodreads)

Sorry for the super long video, I had so many books to show!
I didn't want to cut it down because I like to hear peoples thoughts on the books they got but feel free to fast forward lol
If you live in Birmingham (UK) and are curious, I got my tattoo at Logans cave, I've had a few there and they are awesome!
Books mentioned
Ashfall by Mike Mullin - from Natalie Cleary
A long, long sleep by Anna Sheehan - from Lesley @ My keeper shelf Thank you sooooo much girls!
For review
Peppa’s storytime treasury - For my kids
The son of Neptune by Rick Riordan - I didn't think the review copy was coming lol

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - After enjoying Mister Creecher last week I wanted to read this to see where he got his inspiration so I got it for free on Kindle
The necromancer by P.M. Richter - I was contacted by the author on Twitter offering me a copy of one of her books and I picked this one, also there will be an interview and giveaway coming up soon!

This week in review
Critical judgement by Michael Palmer- Review by Wanda Hart - This is an audiobook review for my brand new feature 'Audio Friday'

What was in your mailbox this week?


  1. You got a ton! How nice. :)

    And your clockwork butterfly is gorgeous! I love the design elements of steampunk, I'd been contemplating a tattoo as well just because I love the look of them. But I think I'll read some steampunk first to get a better idea what I want to get. :P

    And I love when books have maps too! haha, I like to see where all they go, and it makes me feel more involved in the story.

    I'm so in love with the design of your copy of The Night Circus!

  2. OH GOD! that's heaven!!! X.x
    you got ASHFALL!! you'll love it!!!!!
    Wildfire!! Daughter of Smoke and Bones!
    The Nigh Circus...that's an awesome copy I have to get my hands on that one love the black edges
    I can't even begin to tell you how much I envy you right now-good envy don't worry about it- enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy reading, -loving the tattoo-

    here's what I got this week!

  3. Wow, huge IMM this week. Not jealous over here. Lol. Enjoy!!!

  4. Hey Mist! I’m jealous >.< I want Son of Neptune but the ban doesn’t allow me. :p And you got a lot more great books!

    I told Donna I may come to Birmingham to catch up with them and maybe you too haha, when I go on that trip ;)

    Also, I just wanted to say that you are wonderful for supporting your daughter and down syndrome. I’ve been helping out at the local school for disabilities and all those kids are so splendid and genuine. Obviously it’s the path I want to take by becoming a Psychologist so yeah. Just wanted to point that out ;)

  5. You have a lot of amazing books this week, Ashfall is a really great read, I read it a while ago, it was my very first arc, and couldn't put it down.

    My IMM

  6. I'm reading Ashfall right now - at about 80% - and it's amazing!! I hoe you enjoy it as well. Great haul this week as usual :)

    Xpresso Reads

  7. I haven't read any of these yet. I've had Wildefire on my shelf for a few months now and I'd like to get a copy of Rot and Ruin sometime.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy all of them :)

  8. oh wow! so MANY awesome books! I really need to read The Percy Jackson series, i love greek mythology and I just know I would love this series. I love how you showed your kid's books you bought too! sooo cute!

    Thanks so much for participating in IMM! Happy reading!

  9. Awesome IMM this week i hope you enjoy all the awesome books you got =) I didn't get any books to do an IMM this week but feel free to stop by the blog and look around! =)


  10. Another week and more amazing books! Have fun reading all of your new editions! :)

    Come visit my IMM!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  11. omg! What crazy ammount of books, lovely!
    Ah yeah, you are trying to kill me of jealousy with Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I want that book badly...and you just add to the torture The Night Circus, another one I've been dying to get my hands on and the UK version it's gorgeous. I wanted the US cover but now that you show this one "in real life" I want it!! The black edge, perfection.
    And Oh.My.Gods another one I really want to read...and of course the rest too haha. Soo lucky. *sigh*

    P.S: I love your tattoo in real life, looks so cool. =)

  12. Awesome mailbox this week. I am really enjoying The Night Cirucs.

  13. So many good books this week! I hope you have lots and lots to time to revel in them all. I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on The Night Circus and The Predicteds.

    Thank you for stopping by! Happy reading!

  14. Yay! I'm so glad you liked your RAK, I was going to email you to tell you it was coming but decided the surprise would be better. Hope it's good!

    Ps my daughter went through a Thomas the tank engine phase I don't know how many times we tripped over those little trains I ended up buying her a Thomas carry case to keep them all together- best buy EVER!!!

  15. Oh what a great haul! I'm so jealous that you have 2 copies of Son of Neptune, I'd give anything to just have one copy ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM. Enjoy your books!

  16. Amazing haul Misty!!!!!

    I will send you Runelight (Runemark 2) the start of Nov when I get paid. the book is a beast LOL.

    Totally Bookalicious IMM

  17. @colleen, thanks! I haven't read much steampunk but I do like the style of it to :)
    Lol I'm glad I'm not alone in liking maps then, it just makes it easier when they're set in made up worlds and the characters are traveling all over.

    @alba, lol thanks :) I'm really looking forward to reading ashfall if you couldn't tell!

    @brained, aww if you were in England I'd give it to you, it's so big it'd cost me loads to post.
    Lol sounds good to me, it's always fun to meet new bloggers :)
    Oh goof on you for helping out like that, I've been wanting to do something for a while but wasn't sure how until I got the idea for the auction about a month ago, I'm really excited for it.

    @kristi, oh you should read them, they're brilliant, rick riordan does great things with the myths, you don't feel like your learning at all lol

    @Paige, no books, at all, how did you cope? Lol

    @Amanda, I don't think I've stopped by yours yet but I'll come and check it out shortly :)

    @Lesley, oh it's fine, I like surprises :) I felt so bad when I saw that it was coming lol
    My son mostly keeps his trains in his room but he has a Thomas backpack that he puts them in for bringing them up and down, I've got him a ton more for Xmas though!

    @siobhan, there's no rush, thanks so much :)

  18. I'm a few days late, but I'm finally here, as promised! lol

    Loooove the tattoo...oh my god, how cool, I've never seen anything like that. I can't believe I still haven't read any steampunk! I have a few books on my list, but never seem to get to them. Must rectify that. Do you have a favourite you'd recommend?

    I love the Thomas book, my 20-month-old nephew is obsessed with Thomas, so as soon as I saw that, I paused the vid and went to have a look on Book Depository lol. I like the shiny cover of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, that's one that's high on my wish list, but the cover here is the one with the girl in the blue mask. I also love the cover of Night Circus, ours is much different, but that one's very cool. I hadn't heard of Immortal Beloved, but I love the cover of that one, too.

    Excellent haul this week, I'm green with envy! ;-)


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