4 Oct 2011

Top ten Tuesday #17

Top ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The broke and the bookish.
This week it's:

Top Ten Book Endings That Left Me With My Mouth Hanging Open

To avoid spoilers I won't say much about my choices, if you've read them then I'm sure you'll know what I'm on about anyway!

1. Blood promise by Richelle mead - I literally shook this book to see if the ending was just lost in there because I couldn't believe it!

2. Untamed by PC and Kristin Cast - super dooper cliffhanger alert!

3. Linger by Maggie Stiefvater - Even though I saw it coming I was still like :-o

4. Entangled by Cat Clarke - This book ends in a way that is for the reader to interpret what happens so I turned over the page and there was just nothing there lol

5. The power of six by Pittacus Lore - Another killer cliffhanger, I neeeed the next one, like, yesterday!

6. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

7. Hourglass by Claudia Gray

8. Firelight by Sophie Jordan

9. Raising demons by Rachel Hawkins (AKA Demonglass)

10. The iron daughter by Julie Kagawa

What books left you shocked at the end?


  1. Oooo... Everyone keeps mentioning The Iron Queen. Somebody is out to get me. :p I just finished The Iron King so by the time I read The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen, The Iron Knight will be out. Hopefully that will be a bit less "Yikes!" :)

  2. Definitely remember that Firelight left me going "Oh no you didn't at the end." Just finished Vanish and am now wondering what will happen next!

  3. 3,6 and 7 i have seen on two other bloggers list of Top Ten today. Happy reading to you.

  4. Nightshade definitely threw me for a loop. And then Demonglass. Whoa - huge cliffhanger.

  5. Oh all of Richelle Mead's VA series (even the last one) left me devastated, tortured or suffering in some way.

    I must, must, must read Entangled. It's been on my shelf for ages.

    Oh I love that Raising Demons is the title in the UK. Am going to check out that cover right now.

    And Untamed. I think that was the one with the ending that was OMG unbelievable. Yeah!

    Great top 10 list!

  6. Lol Kathy, I've not read the iron queen yet either, it comes out over here this month I think.

    @Rachel, entangled is one of my top reads this year, I loved it so much! I have a review on here and a post I wrote after about depression.
    The raising demons cover is really nice.
    And yes it is THAT house of night, I remember how relieved I was that I already had the next book when I finished that!

  7. Heyy thanks for the comment on my blog and for following, I'm glad you like the page and I love yours too! :D Nice to see another UK blog, I haven't found that many :) I lovee most of the books you have on your top ten too, great choices <3


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