10 Oct 2011

The next thing I knew review

The next thing I knew by John Corwin
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What's it about?
When Lucy Morgan drops dead along with everyone else on Earth she refuses to take death lying down even if, technically, her corpse is.
She drags her ghostly social life back from the grave and enlists her friends to figure out the rules of the afterlife. More importantly, they want to discover who or what killed everyone and why the heck anyone would do such a mean thing.
But what they discover changes everything. And if they can't figure out how to put their newfound ghostly powers to work, humanity will be extinct for good.

My review:
This book really is like nothing I've read before, with ghosts, aliens and very witty humour it ticked all the boxes for me and made for a unique and fun read. Whilst I did find it a little under developed for me in parts, mostly the relationship between Lucy and Chris it didn't take away from my enjoyment, and the book isn't about the romance anyway! It's about Lucy growing up, taking charge and kicking ass, which she does splendidly, I really liked her, though she didn't feel herself to be the best candidate to be leader she accepts the role humbly when it's given to her and does the best she can. I also like her best friend Kyle a lot, he's fun and clever and I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see a male best friend that wasn't in love with the female lead! It might just be the books I'm reading but that happens a lot lol.
I really liked the storyline, I'd never have guessed it and really didn't know what would happen at the end, it was very cleverly weaved together and ended nicely, though I admit I was left with one or two questions but nothing major so I wasn't disappointed or anything.
I've already mentioned the humour but I'd like to elaborate... it's frickin funny! I laughed out loud on the first page, Lucy's inner - and outer - monologue is really amusing and kept me entertained throughout, she was someone I could see myself being friends with.
So overall, a really fun read that I'd definitely recommend to all. I'm not comepletely sure if there is going to be a second book but I'd definitely read it!

My thoughts on the cover:
I really like how the majority of the cover is a browny grey colour so that the blue eye stands out a mile, I also like how the text works around the face so it's big but doesn't cover half the picture and take over. The eye is really interesting as well, I think it makes you wonder why it's like that and what could it mean, I really like this cover.

Favourite quotes:

My head didn't hurt anymore but I still said "Ouch" to make it official. - Lucy

The Faithfully United in Christ's Kingdom. Apparently none of them had considered what the acronym would look like. - Lucy


  1. I really like the cover of this book as well. It is the kind that really makes you wonder. Thank you for the review on the book,as it is something I would be interested in picking up after reading that!

  2. Great review, Mist! I have this on my TBR list because I've been working in a group with John for Novel Publicity, so I'm glad to see another review of it. Sounds really good!

    Re: your comment on my blog - at the top under my header, there are 3 links - one for the actual challenge, one for participants' reviews, and one for my progress. Hope that helps! I didn't realize they might blend in and people wouldn't notice, I was hoping t make it easier for people so you wouldn't have to search. I'll try to figure out a way to make it more noticeable.

    I'll be back, I came the other night to watch your IMM, but it was right before bed so I didn't have time, and I haven't really been home since, but when I get home later today, I'll watch it! 21 minutes?! I wish I had that many books lol ;-)

  3. Oh I do hope you get it then Tiffany :)

    @Marie, lol it's cuz I ramble on about the books a lot! haha
    Oh, you know I was tired this morning and not paying attention that's probably why I didn't see it lol

  4. Oh wow this sounds very unique. Ghosts and aliens? I must read this!

    Xpresso Reads

  5. Thanks for such a thorough review, Mist! I love the quotes you pulled from the book. It's funny because as the writer, it's sometimes hard to see those individual quotes in the forest of words. =)


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